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Albtraum: Gerichtliches Betreuungsverfahren und die Folgen.  Deutschlands erfolgreichste Mobbingmethode mit Staatshilfe.
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Wie aus einer Mücke ein Elefant wurde ! - Mit Kanonen auf Spatzen schießen! (AG Lörrach)
Wie Nachbarin-X, Polizei, Amtsgericht, Staatsanwaltschaft u.a. mich in den Tod treiben dürfen!

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For the European Court

Part 5 (Attachments 2 to 5)

Attachment 2

Cost overview to my legal case (incomplete)

Currently, incomplete cost sum by this legal case without all the administrative costs of postage, printing, paper, travel expenses, credit costs
Stand: 26.08.2016

Total amount 2009 - 2016 21.822,23 €
Total amount 2015 8.024,50 €

Total cost of unsuccessful procedures the administrative court by the consequences of the police report from Nachbarin-X without administrative costs (printing, paper, postage)

4.460,63 €


Attachment 3

With this donation of 1,650 € I wanted to make a certain honour to the Federal Republic as a constitutional state,

but not to the behaviour of the Baden-Württemberg Justice.

The enforcement also shows the continued scrupulous behaviour of Nachbarin-X.


Attachment 5

Gertrud Moser, ........................., Tel. .................................

Per Fax 076.............
Amtsgericht Lörrach
Bahnhofstr. 4 und 4a

79539 Lörrach


CFN XVII 9635 (Amtsgericht Lörrach)

CFN 4 T 256/10 (Landgericht Freiburg)

Contradiction to the compulsory enforcement DR II 298/16
(Bailiff of the district court Lörrach).

Multiple violation of Justice Baden-Württemberg against

  the European Convention of Human Rights


Prohibition of torture (psychological torture)



Right to a fair trial



Right to respect for private and family life

  ARTICLE 13 Right to an effective remedy

When I received the letter from the district court of initiating legal incapacitation proceedings on 30/07/2009 afternoon, this was a big shock for me.

Because I had a business degree with Jura bills, I knew immediately what it would mean a possible legal guardian for me.

The letter did not include the real reason for the initiation of the proceeding. There stood only "at the suggestion of the district office".

Because I had recently to do with the District Office / construction and trade, I suspected immediately that department and complained about by phone.

Then I realized that I need a lawyer immediately. After several phone calls, I wrote about after 2 hours of the letter arrival the first email to an unknown lawyer with the request for legal representation.
In retrospect, it was completely the wrong lawyer for me.

On Monday afternoon I visited him for a maximum of half an hour, then I was outside and shocked again by his behaviour.

Later he ignored my written hints on the context to the construction and commercial law in my case. He also ignored my email that he should take actions against the police report.

Therefore, in October 2009, I wrote my first complaint in my life, unfortunately without success. (85 Js 9229/09). The complaint also contained documents as evidence of the relationship with the Construction Law and Commercial of my neighbours.

Only a year later the district administration confirmed against lawyer Anwalt 3 that the trade of my neighbours had allegedly not approved.
From the circumstances here, can prove certain that this could not be the case. Municipality Binzen and the mayor knew about, and in accordance with the subsequent conduct by the district office was clear that the trade was tolerated since 2005.

Now after more than 7 years, I think it is not excluded that lawyer Anwalt 1 belongs to relationship system of my neighbours Nachbarn-X.
2012, I heard that he has successfully initiated a criminal case against a lawyer for defamation.
Before that, I thought that he was not versed in criminal law and other fields has. He lives in the same village as the opposing lawyer.

On the following Monday (03/08/2016) I learned about the access to the case files of the district court that the police report has triggered the process.

The contents of this report were the next shock for me.
Until this date, evidences has been denied in my favour for me.

Therefore, it is undisputed that I must suffer from State Psychoterror for over 7 years. Living with incapacitation casefiles caused by false statements, is an indescribable humiliation.

Also it is an indescribable humiliation, that my neighbours have many legal successes with their false statements against me.

Since the doorways are only a few meters away, there are often personal encounters with visual contact.

Attachment L contains an actual letter to the municipality Binzen and to the District Office Loerrach, which again illustrates the construction and trade law context, namely obvious concessions to my neighbours Nachbarn-X.
When I am in 2009 pointed out in the morning, Nachbarin-X made the statements to the police the afternoon.
I see this as an act of revenge by Nachbarin-X against me.

G. Moser

Part 6

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