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Albtraum: Gerichtliches Betreuungsverfahren und die Folgen.  Deutschlands erfolgreichste Mobbingmethode mit Staatshilfe.
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Wie aus einer Mücke ein Elefant wurde ! - Mit Kanonen auf Spatzen schießen! (AG Lörrach)
Wie Nachbarin-X, Polizei, Amtsgericht, Staatsanwaltschaft u.a. mich in den Tod treiben dürfen!

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For the European Court

Part 2

II. Expansion of my Application

Possible motive of my neighbours: To get my property to low costs

2009 was after the new building for the tax consulting entrepreneurs even less space for the (unauthorized) retail, wholesale and Internet sale of floor coverings by Nachbar-X. Therefore, it is conceivable that my neighbours had been planned to get to my property, because the location is ideal.
N = neighbour-Nachbarn-X Property, GM = my Property.


Online www.gerichtlichesbetreuungsverfahren.de/gruende.htm

More Applications


1. I want to get evidences against the false statements in the police report of 2009

e.g. Questioning witnesses, questioning of Nachbarin-X to her statements (There are my suggested questionnaires).




The police report shall be retained as a trigger for the incapacitation record for 7 years.

2. Determine if my complaint against Nachbarin-X in 2009 by the prosecution Lörrach (CFN 85 Js 9229/09) was wrongly rejected. Supposedly this case was examined. On the other hand, the prosecutor has stated that she does not have to adhere to my determination requests. But it has created a second file with copies from the incapacitation Act, including the medical report. I take that as that she so has determined against me.

My Complaints were refused:
Generalstaatsanwaltschaft Karlsruhe (CFN 3 Zs 2606/09) and

Justizministerium von Baden-Württemberg (CFN E-1402.2010/884)


3.  I want evidences against the false statements in the warning letter and criminal proceedings for threat (CFN 86 Js 7931/13 prosecutor Lörrach (CFN 86 Js 7931/13 Staatsanwaltschaft Lörrach) ) against me in 2013

Aids: My complaints of assault and slander against Nachbarin-X 400 Js 24286/13, 82 Js 8808/13 and 80 Js 1317/14






4. Evidence against the false statements of Nachbarin-X

2014 at the district court Lörrach (CFN 2 C 1446/14) and
2015 at the district court Freiburg (CFN 3 S 24/15) .

Aids: My criminal charge because of procedural fraud against Nachbarin-X (CFN 95 Js 12341/15)


5. Determining that the Petitions Committee has not worked in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg my numbered petition by his policies and slandered me by publishing his petition on the internet version.
This petition Version filed against me by the police and the District Office Loerrach the Verwaltungsgericht Freiburg and accepted.

Aids: My complaint for defamation against the Petitions Committee at the Prosecutor Stuttgart Staatsanwaltschaft Stuttgart. (CFN 7 Js 2087/14)




6. I need help and protection by the European Court against another unjust measures, such as reinitiate such a procedure without sufficient reason.
This is only possible by changing the German incapacitation laws.


7. I request that the Court, after examining my documents,
namely the current and any other documents,
the Federal Republic of Germany forces,
adapt the German incapacitation laws of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Suggestions as in Attachment 1. in Attachment 6.

On my homepage www.gerichtliches-betreuungsverfahren.de   the evidence can be found that a member of the Federal Ministry of Justice has made false and insufficient informations to an international human rights committee. Button "Begriff Betreuung"

The term "Betreuung (engl. care) " is also misleading, because it can be connected to an extensive disenfranchisement, for which there is no adequate protection at the time. This term is associated with a very positive idea, which is not the reality.

When initiating the care process (actual: incapacitation process) you do not have adequate time to find a lawyer. The process is time and content already set. It is imperative that a psychiatric report be created. And this for unimportant reasons or misstatement.

The contents of psychiatric expertise are highly controversial and are valid for a long period of time or for life for those affected.

8. Claim for just Satisfaction

Due to the 7-year mental torture by the false statements of Nachbarin-X and perform the failure of state institutions usual evidence in my favour, I claim reimbursement and damages.

The amount will be set by the European Court.

The specified cost list in this document is already outdated.

In my case, I publish the website current costs at "Kosten" button.


This 7-year-long legal case burdened me
psychic, health, time, and financially very difficult. He has ruined my reputation

Example: Button "Belastungen" (engl. Buttun "Stresses")


On my home page and Youtube the mountains of case files (Aktenberge) can be seen

In these mountains of Case files

there not a single letter written herself by Nachbarin-X.

Something like this does her husband or her lawyer.
To date, I have no proof whether their professional statement is true.

9. If a lawyer for the European Court is imperative neccessary
I ask to take over the legal fees or the Federal Republic of Germany forced to carry this process costs the European Court.
My lawyer experience is very bad.
Therefore, I would hire a lawyer only in an emergency.


To show my good will to clarify the law,
I donated the legal fees for the other party on 1 December 2015, the non-profit organization Plan Internatioanal e.V.

Attachment 3

It is for me not possible,
to make a direct payment to Nachbarin-X.
Then i would reward her for her lies and derogatory remarks about me.

This is the reason for the current Foreclosure or Execution.

That would be the continuation of the mental torture for over 7 years by Nachbarin-X, the police, the district office, the judiciary and my former lawyers.

I can send immediately parcels with my case files.
The case files are chronologically and by subject. There are also themed overviews similar on my homepage. State July 2015. (Weight of packages 23 kg !!!)
These parcels i sent to a tv-lawyer. But he didn't open the parcels.

Also, you could get a DVD with my digital data.

Never again should a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany
suffer like me.

G. Moser


Attachment 1


Attachment 2

Initially events for a legal case, which are existing for over 7 years:

Behaviours of my neighbours y and Nachbarin-X,
partly z Nachbarn-X (Father of Nachbar-X).

I live since 1993 in the house which inherited from my parents.

1993 – 2009

Over the years there have been various behaviours of family Nachbarn-X, junior and senior. Above average curiosity by Mr Nachbarn-X, senior. That was unpleasant and also noticed by my acquaintances.

From 2005 I had to be very considerate on the road due to the unauthorized trade, for example, blocking trucks. And I had the impression that Nachbar-X yet commented disparagingly about me.

2008, I criticized the replanting of bamboo in the common border area. Then I heard a sneer of Nachbarin-X towards neighbors.

In various documents of my case there are more detailed descriptions.


Due to various events I was on 07/07/2009 angry for the first time and crying on the street in front of my property. I resented the behaviour of my neighbours Nachbar-X.
But I was not so loud because I was rather desperate.

Attachment 2.1


Early in the morning i gave a letter to the municipality Binzen and the district office Lörrach.

I protested against the new construction project of my neighbours Nachbarn-X.
Reason: insufficient parking places.

Also, I asked the question whether the Commercial of my neighbour Nachbar-X was ever allowed.
(Later in 2010 my lawyer Anwalt 3 was informed by a letter that the Commercial was not allowed.)

Probably my neighbours were called from the Mayor x........ of Binzen and / or the District Office Loerrach, so that family Nachbarn-X heard from my letter content.

In the afternoon Nachbarin-X was at the police station Weil am Rhein.
There she made statements about me,
which have been detained in a police report.

Attachment 2.2

The district office Lörrach startet a case with duty of a parkin place for me.
(CFN 692-09-03) (Totally injustified)

But I have never been the cause of a high volume of traffic or for the frequent availability of public parking spaces in my street. Since around 2005 developed through various activities of my neighbor a high traffic load and a common occupation of public spaces.

08/07/2009 until December 2009

Correspondence with the municipality Binzen and the district office Lörrach about Public building law, partly with lawyer Anwalt 3.


In the morning I throw a letter of apology in the letter box with my neighbours.

Attachment 2.3

1, 2 or a few days later, I attended 6 parcels for my neighbours.
As Nachbar-X fetched the parcels, he said that he accepted the apology.

The police station Weil am Rhein created the police report on me, which contained the statements of Nachbarin-X from 08/07/2009.


The police report from 9.7.2009 arrives at District Office Lörrach,
probably also at the municipality Binzen.

Attachment 2.2


An employee of the District Office Lörrach sent the police report with an accompanying letter to the district court Lörrach.

Attachment 2.4

30.07.2009 (Thursday)

Approximately 16:30 I find in my mailbox a letter from the district court Lörrach:

I discovered that initiated a judicial declaration of incapacity for me.

Attachment 2.5

Everything was planned, there was no contradiction possibilities.

Approximately 18:30 I wrote an email to an unknown lawyer and ask for legal representation.

Letter to the district court, I previously send as an email

Attachment 2.6

31/07/2009 (Friday)

Telephone conversation with the judge. No mistake. He has actually not the case file. The judge remembers dispute to a building.

11:42: Email to the district court. I want to see the case files on Monday morning.

02/08/2009 (Sunday)

Online legal advice

Attachment 2.7

03/08/2009 (Monday)

I can read the documents in the case files at the District Court Lörrach.
For the first time i discovered police report about me and
the forwarding letter from the District Office.

04/08/2009 (Tuesday)

09:24 Email and letter to the District Court Lörrach.

Attachment 2.8

I put a letter in the letter box of my neighbours.

Attachment 2.9

etc. until 2016: No rights to evidence for the false statements from Nachbarin-X. On the contrary, my case got worse and worse.


Attachment 2.1

My perspective on my rage and crying on 7/7/2009 in the morning

In the past, there were now and then contacts with Nachbarn-X that appeared arrogant to me. Example: Mr. Nachbar-X once said to me that he can not guarantee anything when a chick coming through the fence on his property. (That his dog could injure chicks od. kill).
I knew of this possibility also. But he would have to it to me otherwise.

Between the properties is an old footpath. The border between me and my neighbours runs through the middle. Sometimes I've been annoyed when Nachbarn-X were modifying without asking me. Also, they have mainly used this area in the past, even for their dog, which did not disturb me.

The most important problem is the shortage of parking spaces in the neighbourhood.
At the side of my property there park often two, sometimes three cars, mostly visitors or tenants or Nachbarn-X. For this area i have the duty to maintain safety and also remove the vegetation.

Besides my entrance doors thera are often parking cars. So it is not always easy for me to park in front of my entrance. As the artisan customers often are talking to Nachbarn-X on the street, I have the possibility of audience, which is for me uncomfortable when parking. Sometimes I have the impression that I'm taunting.

From time to time large trucks are parking on the street. Then it was unpossible or enough space, to pass with my car. Then I turned, bent down right, drove back throughout Binzen and the Road Blauenstraße. Now and then it seemed to me again that I was taunting.

Now and then visitors of Family Nachbarn-X parked in front of my entrance.
Nachbarn-X are the only ones which have a trade in the street. Consequently, there is by the increased traffic and business operations more restrictions for the residents, as short waiting times during loading and unloading of trucks.

Often I am asked where shipments or parcels have been placed for Nachbarn-X.

Also, I have often accepted parcels for them. It was natural for me.

The main problem for me was always the behaviour of family Nachbarn-X.

On 1/7/2009 the construction or dredging began on the opposite grounds. My neighbours had not informed me that is being built here. By law, they are not obliged to do so.
As part of a good neighborhood relationship I consider such information to the residents of useful.

Because it was very noisy, I had shortly cancelled a mathematics tutoring for a girl. She had to write a class work the next day. Had I known from the start of construction, I would put the date earlier.

On 6/7/2009 afternoon a backhoe parked behind me. As I slowly drove backwards to leaving my parking space, I touched the bumper wheels of the backhoe. This saw Mr. Nachbar-X from across the street. He went to a construction worker and I had the impression that he again made fun of me. So i get very annoyed.

When the pit has been been dredged on the opposite grounds, my house vibrated partially. On 7/7/2009 morning about 7:20 h, a backhoe was active and I worked on a computer. I renamed a folder. When I wanted another rename, briefly a blue screen appeared with text on which I could just barely see something like Crash Bump, then crashed the Pc and could no longer be started. I immediately suspected a hard disk crash. The read-write heads of a disk hovering just above it. Vibrations can affect the drive and cause damage.

This impression was confirmed during the computer repair much later.

But I never made demands on Nachbarn-X.

Continuation: See apology letter dated 9/7/2009

Attachment 2.3

My anger has increased due to different experiences with Nachbarn-X.

With this letter of apology I wanted to inform family Nachbarn-X that I register their mocking behaviour about me.

On the same or next day, I accepted for Nachbarn-X 5 parcels because no one was there. When Mr. Nachbar-X picked them up, he said very formally, that he accepted the apology and my behavior was probably very violent.

In the following days I informed Nachbarn-X that I will drive my car away if it is disturbing the construction work. That i have done several times. I parked my car in another street.

A few days before the knowledge of the police report I was on the street with my car. Nachbarin-X walked past me. A neighbour came by the diversion of the Johann-Peter-Hebel-Street just around the corner. Both were whispering and laughing, and I heard the word computer. Both went in the direction from which my neighbour had come.

Only about 4 weeks later I was informed from the police report commissioned by Nachbarin-X. The police report has caused the incapacitation process.

Part 3

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